Easy and reliable setup for linking domain

Gaurav Jain 4 месяца назад обновлен Vahan Harutiunian 3 месяца назад 2

The biggest hurdle to link a business domain to Yandex connect is linking and verifying domain. Current domain verification is good but incomplete. The problem with the current domain verification is that it misses out verification of DKIM records and provide enough details during setup. I was very happy when the domain was linked and verified on 3 records, But soon, I realized that sending mail is not possible and result in spam filter activation. Then I have to go to the troubleshooting guide and found that DKIM should point as mail._domainkey.example.org, which I was not informed during the setup of linking business mail. 

I hope the instruction must be pinpoint resolved to save troubleshooting time and yes support tickets as well.

Indeed, the instruction to setup DKIM should be more straightforward, PLUS the instructions should indicate that there should be SPF and CNAME settings. AND, of course, there should be a possibility to check all of the DNS settings.Thank you!

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